Sunday, October 3, 2010

Full fall weekend

October is a full month for our family: a visit from my parents, visit to my grandmother, a mini-vacation with my husband over MEA weekend, and Rowan's B-day, not to mention Halloween. This first weekend was a busy start to the busy month.

First we drove up to Two Harbors to visit my grandmother. The weather people have been saying we've had ripe weather conditions for a colorful fall, and they did not disappoint. I cannot recall the colors being more beautiful:

We always stop at the rest stop right when we get to Duluth to let me take pictures. What gorgeous weather. We also like going outside in the woods when we get to Two Harbors. My aunt has a lovely property, as you can see:

I didn't mess with the saturation on these photos; it really was that stunning! The last photo, BTW, is my new favorite. Something poignant about it. I think I shall enlarge it to take up a full page when I scrap our visit.

We also took our traditional four generation shot.

If over 3/4 of us are looking at the camera, job well done.

Today we went to the Renaissance Festival. Had to take a new route because of flooding; we could see the floods from the highway as we drove down. Egads.

We only managed a few hours at the fair; nice food, fun, and swordplay:

Note to self: Next year the last thing we do is go on rides. Once the boys did it right away this year, they were ready to go.

In honor of Ella publishing, I took the boys on an elephant ride:

Here's to fall and making beautiful new memories.


sillypea said...

Those colors are wonderful! Looks like you had a good time!

Diana said...

Yes, a very poignant photo. Can't wait to see you scrap it. I don't think I've ever seen you do a page-size photo on a LO.
I'm not doing LOAD either. I was thinking about it but then when I got the Ella news I decided against it. Don't want to be stressed... . But the blogposts I've seen about it from people doing it are really intriguing and makes me feel a bit remorseful that I'm not in it this time.

BabyBokChoy said...

What a wonderful post. Love all your photos :)

Mary Jo said...

Hi Jennifer! Congratulations on the Ella Team!! Can't wait to work with you =)