Sunday, September 26, 2010

Photo quest

One of the ways I manage scrapbooking pressures is to recycle page ideas and pages designs. I do the same page for Thanksgiving every year, I reuse my sketches, and I use the same design for every vacation album. This recycling allows me freedom of design and embellishment without the pressure of coming up with something 'brand new" every time.

One page idea I have reuse for a few years involves vacation photos. For years, I've tried to get a Christmas card-worthy photo on vacation, and all for naught, mostly because of my two turkeys--er, offspring, who always manage to sabotage the photo.

This year may be the last time I can do this kind of page--we came pretty darn close to a nice-enough photo at Disneyworld. So, I may have to bid my photo quest pages adieu.

In honor of years of photo questing, here's what may be the last:

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BabyBokChoy said...

LOL, photo collage baby :) that's your solution, lol. Fabby layout though, love the clean grid lines :) The banner is so cute!