Monday, July 19, 2010

Busy weekend

Our weekend was filled with three things:
  1. A camera-use class from National Camera Exchange;
  2. Baseball with the Twins Saturday night; and
  3. Chores.
The camera class was free, and basic, but it served its purpose: it made me more comfortable fiddling around with the menu, and it gave me permission/motivation to experiment before I go on vacation this year. I LOVE National Camera Exchange: it's a local company, longstanding, and you get to take the class free if you buy a camera from them, which I did a couple weeks ago, upgrading my Sony Cybershot point-and-shoot to a newer model with good action bursts. (I am calling that the "Dominic and Rowan" setting). The instructor was fabulous, and funny too: she was terrific at using analogies to make her point.

And the bonus: a little me time.

Next came tailgating at church and a group bus ride to the Twins game, a big one against the division leader. The weather was ominous:

Any cloud that bubbles on the bottom is scary. Those clouds sent forth lightning and rain when we started for the game, but the weather was perfect all through the 9 innings.

We were in the upper level in the Very. Last. Row. You know what? Terrific seats. We could hear and see everything. The Twins fended off the Sox in the 9th to pull out the victory in less than two hours.

Why was it so important to finish early? Because what followed was a scary-@ss storm. Seriously, the bus ride home was terrifying. The windows steamed up since we couldn't put the windows down. Our bus driver appeared to have gotten us home via Braille driving, according to the man in the row before me. The most scary moment came in Brooklyn Park, when the highway lights went out and we noticed the trees were parallel to the ground. Yikes.

But when we got home, we saw this:

A sunset rainbow, right over the church. Hooray.

The chores this weekend were many: cleaning the car, vacuuming the house, watering the plants, helping the boys clean their rooms and put away legos, doing laundry, and trimming a bush. And at the end of the day, when I went to scrap, I tripped on my tool bag and stabbed my foot with my paper piercer.

Back up two days ago: I misplaced the cork I keep on the top of the paper piercer. I remember thinking, "Maybe I should put this in a separate place so no one gets hurt." But I didn't. I just left it where it was and got hurt. I need to listen to those inner voices.

The last time it happened was in 2009, when a friend of mine cut off the end of her finger trimming some bushes. I thought, "Wow! That's terrible!" I never thought, "Wow! That could happen to me, since I garden as much as she does!" And sure enough, while gardening on Good Friday last year (irony), I cut off the tip of my pinky finger while gardening. It was repaired, and all is OK now, but I remember that same week going to Urgent Care again to get my finger glued shut when I sliced my thumb replacing my paper trimmer blade--the Fiskars I-blade, a very minor blade unless the safety plastic comes off when you reach for it. When I went to Urgent Care that time, the nurse asked me suspiciously if I was in a safe relationship. I told her, "Yes, but my hobbies use sharp tools." Which wouldn't be a problem if I listen to my inner voices.

Going scrapping this weekend at The Scrapbook Shop in Blaine with Jing-Jing--she is so talented at minis, maybe she can help me get off my duff and start scrapping last Christmas!

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Sandra said...

That is an awesome cloud picture. I was waiting for Mikayla to come home from Sonshine when you were coming home from the game. Scary night.

So sorry to hear about the foot piercing and the finger tip. Sounds like something I would do.