Friday, March 5, 2010

Memorable Schoolwork

A mini album I hope to make before next school year is a compilation of some of the boys' most memorable school work. It usually involves art plus story. I have a bunch of this stored in a bag. When I have a spare moment (June), I will photograph them, resize them, print them, and make a mini.

Here's two that should make the cut:

If you can't read the journaling, it says, "Never give a horse two pairs of wheels and a control panel." Where he comes up with these ideas. The best part of the drawing are the reactions (!) of everyone who sees the horse, including the sun. My boy's got talent.

Dominic did this for President's Day. Two things to note: The page is about Lincoln, but Dominic made the President black, and he apparently wants to go snowboarding when he goes back in time to visit Lincoln. Can you tell the Olympics were on during President's Day? And the boys got obsessed with snowboarding? The memories.

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debbieback said...

lovely drawings. =) that mini sounds like an awesome way to document that art.