Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Back and busy

I guess I'm a B student right now--busy busy busy! It's the last two weeks of the trimester for my students, so I'm up to my ears in grading. Since it's about 2/3 through the year, I get the pleasure of seeing their improvements catching hold. Yay them!

I'm done with LOAD--lots of fun and I met my goal of finishing my vacation album up through the pictures I have printed. Now I can get back on the wagon and do some stuff I've been putting off:
  • Working out. I DEFINITELY put that on the back burner last month, so I need to step it up (no pun intended) if I want to be ready for shorts in the summer.
  • Editing photos. I have to finish vacation, finish November, and select photos to put in Rowan's School of Life album that I fully intend to start by next weekend.
  • More grading. By this weekend, I want to have finished 40 arguments, 20 persuasive letters, 20 binders, and two quizzes. Then I'll be about 1/3 done, but I'll have made a substantial dent.
  • Choir rehearsal. Our church is putting on Jesus Christ Superstar for Palm Sunday, so we have rehearsals twice a week. True confession: I grade papers while the soloists are singing during rehearsals, but a teacher's gotta do what a teacher's gotta do.
  • My hybrid class. I'm taking a class at Big Picture Scrapbooking by May Flaum, and though I am not going fully to the dark side, I'm happy to learn more digi techniques to incorporate into my pages.
I have to admit, it's easier to go at this list with energy since spring is on the way. The snow is still deep, but I can tell it's receding. And more importantly for optimism, the sun is coming up and clearly visible when I get to work in the morning (I start at 7:10). Joy!

Here's a peek at my last LOAD layout. It used a sketch from Sketchy Thursdays, and I added a digi tag from the hybrid class to it. Happy spring!


alisonm said...

What a HOOT!!!!!

Diana said...

Funny, I did a very similar post today -- what I was now going to do now that LOAD was over. It really took over my life! I'm not sure I'm going to do it in May... you?
Maybe I should take a digi class... perhaps because I don't know fully how to do it properly I'm not really loving digi, at least not yet.
Great page! (though I saw it already-smile)

Diana Fisher said...

OK, this is great!!! The title is FABULOUS and those kids are adorable!! Love it all!!

BabyBokChoy said...

You DO know that Sassafras Monstrosity is my FAVORITEST LINE ever right? LOL!! You rocked it baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

karenw said...

This is so very cool - perfect way to use sassafrass (who I love). It should make the fav's for the week.

alexandra s.m. said...

You are a shinning A+ in my book ;-)
Congrats on finishing your album, every page is gorgeous!