Sunday, February 7, 2010

Spring, we miss ye...

On Groundhog's day we had an interesting conversation, the boys and I. They asked what it meant if the groundhog saw its shadow and I told them the tale: 6 more weeks of winter. Then they asked, what if it doesn't see its shadow? That one stumped me, until I thought about it and told them the truth: 6 more weeks of winter. I explained to them that spring starts the middle of March, which is about 6 weeks after Groundhog's Day. No matter what, we are in for six more weeks of winter. (Truth be told, here in Minnesota, winter will last for another month after that.)

Dominic got especially frustrated; he wants to use the fishing rod my parents got him for Christmas (no way am I taking him ice fishing). I told him that once spring arrived, he'd have to wait another two months for the fishing opener.

I mention this because we've had pretty consistent snow this week, so my front yard looks like this:

Can you see how the snow banks reach the mailbox? It's not that deep in the yard, but it has to be at least 6-8 inches deep all around. I can tell because that's how deep my garden implements like my baby's breath rings are buried. (I use some small peony rings to rein in the baby's breath.) I had to go out and shovel the wettest snow since Christmas, only a couple inches, but Derick wouldn't have been able to drive up to the garage Friday if I hadn't. Every shovelfull felt as heavy as water.

I've been busy with conferences and LOAD this week. Here's some of what I scrapped. More pages from the vacation album:

Some more kit and stash pages:

And the boys got into the art too. Here's a drawing Dominic made for Grandpa L's birthday yesterday:

He thinks they live in the RV, since that's where they are every time he's seen them.

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Diana said...

Did you actually use the digi template for the "favourite photos" layout? The page looks great. I still haven't tried to do it. I really ought to give it a try...