Monday, February 22, 2010

Sketch inspiration

When I first started scrapping, I lived by sketches. Becky Higgins gave me lots of ideas, and I grew a lot from them.

As I progressed and scrapped more, I stopped using sketches. Instead I sketched the layouts myself. What I sketched didn't always end up what I created--I have no sense of proportion, for one--but I got ideas.

Lately I've started using sketches for inspiration again. It's not something regular I use, but using sketches gives me ideas I wouldn't have otherwise thought of. A nice creative stretch.

First, of course, is Becky Fleck. Here's a few layouts I made from the same sketch:

(Side note: when I got the frog paper [Jillibean soup] I had buyer's remorse. I thought, what will I use frog paper for? The answer: with two boys with ADHD, the possibilities are endless.)

Lately Studio Calico has been posting sketches every Sunday. They are very creative, which gives me new ideas.

I also love the book Stretch Your Sketches from Ella Publishing. They've recently had some online sketch challenges, but this ebook is affordable and inspiring.

Lately two sites have also gotten me inspired: Sketchy Thursdays and Pencillines. I just finished this week's Sketchy Thursdays layout, and to be frank, a so-so layout became terrific from using a different idea from the one I had. I'll post the layout tomorrow.

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Diana said...

These are all awesome. I did this sketch too, but your LOs look soooo much better than mine. I love all the sketch places you mentioned. What I don't do (but will now that I've seen your stuff) is re-use sketches. Not sure why I don't... maybe because there are so many great and inspiring sketches out there.
These LOs are really fantastic. I know I said that already, but they are!