Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Some milestone pages

Oddly, I seem to be running out of photos. I need to finish editing my vacation photos so I can start that book, and I'd like to print some photos from October to scrap. Here's a few pages I did yesterday:

I used mostly October Afternoon Report Card for this. I didn't want to do separate pages for open house and day 1, so to include the shots I wanted, I had to merge the two on one layout, no pun intended.

The inspiration for this layout came after I ran across a few old school photos from preschool. Look how much he's grown! Again with the Report Card.

This one I used my January Studio Calico kit on, with perhaps my favorite photo from last year. I hope you can read the story.

And yes, I am keeping my subscription as I scrap 100 pages. I don't want to stop it. I am still using us my stash; I get about 6-12 layouts per kit, which still leaves a ton of stash pages to do.

By the way, I got a diagnosis for my numb arm last week: the ulnar nerve on my elbow has been receiving too much pressure. What kinds of things have been putting pressure on my left elbow? Things like this:

I think I can deal with being a little numb.

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Diana said...

I noticed your pubbed pages in CK. That's great! You are like on a major roll here--so many wonderful layouts. Oh how I wish for the time and energy to get lots of pages done too...