Thursday, December 31, 2009

My least favorite scrapbooking task

I hate to journal on computer. I love to write, mind you, a lucky trait since I am an English teacher and all, but I HATE to sit down at the computer to scrap. Not sure why: maybe because my least favorite tasks with teaching involve the computer too.

I had a pile of pages I had to add journaling on yesterday, so I finally bit the bullet and journaled. I do not spend a ton of time selecting fonts; I tend to use Times New Roman, Gill Sans, and Arial, all of which come with Word. And learning about text boxes and leading (Thank you Cathy Zielske) has made my journaling look nicer.

One I'm submitting for publication. Here's the other two.

Sorry that I look like I'm possessed by Legion in those photos. I love my title for this LO though.

Don't read the journaling if you don't want to. It is a little sad. And thank you, Mous Earz, for the quote from the Little House book. It perfectly matches how I feel.


csewy said...

I love the new layout, everything about it, even the pictures!!! I don't do a lot of sewing anymore. I learned in 4-H and have made complete outfits in the past, I found other things that I do better and like more than sewing!!! DH has a hard time getting me to mend, poor thing!! Wishing you luck with you layouts!!

alexandra s.m. said...

Your l.Os are truly beautiful and the journaling always so beautiful.
I'm so sorry for your loss but so glad you were able to scrap about it.
Thank you for sharing~

scrapdoc said...

Love your layouts, and the "Little House" quote took me back to when a was a kid. That alone made me want to tear up, so didn't attempt to read the rest - may have to come back to it!