Monday, December 28, 2009

Delightful holiday

I hope all of your holidays were memorable. Ours began a little melancholy: when the UPS guy rang the bell with our last Christmas package Thursday, no barking. And every time I dropped food on the floor, I automatically called, "Roswell!" That may become a family joke.

Still, Christmas day was wonderful. The boys were delighted with the gifts, Derick loved his sherry-cask aged scotch and his remote control R2-D2 the best, and I got two of these. I returned one and got supplies to go with it, along with some of the luscious new Basic Grey, Origins. Working with it makes me feel like I am in a spa.

We couldn't go sledding Christmas day because we were in the middle of a big three-day storm of soaking wet snow. "Soaking wet" means "heavier than a bowling ball with each shovelful," and the fact that we had to shovel three times made it infinitely more difficult. It was a big snow, though, evidenced by our being on the national news. Since most of that news is located on the East Coast, the stories were precious: "Midwest Gets Big Snow" for a few paragraphs, then a connection to what would happen on the East Coast. (Insert eye roll.)

Because of the frequent wet snow, we went sledding the day after Christmas, along with a healthy number of families from town. We go here for the free sledding (not the pay inner tube hill), and the sledding hill is HUGE, with many bumps. Not that any of us cared:

Speaking of bumps, here's the final injury checklist:
  • three clocked heads
  • two pulled-back fingernails
  • one strained neck
  • one sprained wrist
  • two sore backs
As I mentally tallied that list, I got an idea for a layout: my favorite photos of each of us, plus the list under the title, "Extreme Sledding." Either that or "Going Downhill."

* Note: I finished the Jessica Sprague class Good-to-Great Workflow. I practiced on these photos in this post. I think they turned out very nice, considering it was cloudy and (of course) snowing at the time.

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