Friday, November 13, 2009

Yay me!

The week is doing better--my sons' behavior has evened out, so far it looks like the cancer is out of my MIL, Roswell is taking her medicine (though still chewing and licking). The only down spot now is that I have to give medicine 3 times a day to my cat, who had a tooth removed. She hides under my son's bed all day now. She has defeated me.

Regardless, I want to share two high spots:

  1. Thanks Lonely Scrapbooker (Artemis, right?) for sharing this link. Featured layout on Stacy Julian's site!
  2. I am up for Reader's Choice at CK. (My screen name is Buffy fan). If you wish to vote you can go here.

1 comment:

CreativeChretin said...

Congrats to both! you do amazing work, i would love to see you published!