Saturday, November 7, 2009

Inspiration from submission

A couple days ago was the submission deadline for Scrapbook Trends' April issue. I submitted a few, and though I would like to get at least one picked up, I've got to say that the submission process alone is beneficial.

Why? It encourages me to try new (or long dormant) products and techniques. It also gets me motivated to scrap photos that may otherwise not inspire me.

Here were the calls I submitted to:

  • birthday (I submitted already created layouts for this)
  • chipboard (ditto)
  • lots of photos
  • showcase (a miscellaneous category)
  • my top ten
  • blogging
Some I submitted a couple layouts, others just one. The ones I really want to get picked up are the lots of photos call, blogging, and my top ten. Those gave me the most fun time making them.

I'll post any that don't get picked up. Until then, here's a LO I have already posted that didn't get picked up last month:

It was for a glitter call. The submission call gave me creative inspiration to use product I had on hand and had not thought of using on this layout. Definitely made me stretch, but that's good.

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The Lonely Scrapbooker said...

I also love anything that makes me "stretch" -- for me it's challenges and using up my SC kits! I haven't yet cottoned on to the magazines' submissions calls. I suppose I should... but where to start?