Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The weather outside is frightful

Monday was a picture perfect snowfall: huge flakes, not too cold, plus some accumulation. I drove through snow to take the boys to school, then snapped some pictures as I dropped them off. My boys were so excited about the snow:

Dominic looks sort of funny because he was throwing snowballs. He had outgrown his gloves, so his first snow day was barehanded. I hurried after school to get him mittens, because this snowfall stuck. Not hugely, but we still have snow, and should get more tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the last day of school before a long weekend, and I get to fly to Chicago to meet friends (hey, Alexandra!) and visit Derick as he works. My parents get to take care of the boys. I can't wait to see what the boys convince my parents to let them do. Last time it was climb up the cat furniture.

Here's a couple layouts I've done for LOAD:

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