Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Two page layouts

I don't consider myself a person who tends to do a particular kind of page, one or two page. I choose the number of pages based on the number of photos I have. When I have many photos, especially ones I can't trim much, I make two pagers.

How do I make them work? I have a few tricks:

Line them up. I see nothing wrong with doing the easy thing: line up photos across the pages to add cohesion. I do it evenly

and unevenly.

Cut the photos the same size. This makes them easier to grid, like I did here (I think I trimmed them 3 1/2 x 5).

Don't use a focal point photo. This might be sacrilege, but if I am scrapping an event, and there is not one significant photo, why do I need a focal point photograph?

I'm sure I have some more tricks with creating two page layouts, but these are some principles I follow to design two pagers. Works for me.


csewy said...

I was glad to see you have been busy scrapping!! I love the two page layouts, and what great layouts!! I really like the "laughter" layout, great family photo!!!

Megan said...

Hi Jennifer,

I hope you're doing well. I wanted to let you know that I've forwarded your message on to our editor-in-chief, Jennafer Martin. Please plan to hear from her soon, if you haven't already. I'm sorry for returning the comment here, as I know this isn't exactly the ideal place for such correspondence, but I didn't see an e-mail address for you, and I didn't want you to think your message on my blog went unnoticed.


alexandra s.m. said...

You have been busy! Wonderful pages so many photos wow! Well done ;-)