Thursday, October 1, 2009


I love scrapbooking embellishments, but I worry sometimes about packaging. So much plastic that cannot be recycled. I know the reasoning--the products are often paper and need protection--but that still is a lot of waste (especially with a stash like mine). So I was happy to read a suggestion to use the hard plastic as a paint tray. I have been saving almost every one I've used in this last month, putting them in a Target bag that I hang off a bookshelf in my scrap space.

Lately, I also became concerned with how much wax paper I use to put the things on that I am painting while they are wet. I had a brainstorm as I was taking some Thickers out of its plastic envelope: why not save the plastic envelope to put my wet paint items on? So I have been saving those as well in the same place as the hard plastic, and this makes me happier about reducing my use of stuff (wax paper) and getting more use out of the hard plastic before it gets sent to the landfill.

And I'd like to give a shout-out to Doodlebug for their stickers, almost none of which they encase in plastic. I never worry for quality with those stickers, and I only have to recycle the paper backing when I am done.

Here's what I used these empty packages for:

I had fun playing with a lot of color here. Can you believe it, I used a whole package of paper whimsies on this project.

If you have any hints for how you reduce or reuse when it comes to scrapping, let me know!


Jody said...

No hints here,
but I am green with envy
that you are so green,
good for you!
And your page is adorable :)

csewy said...

I don't happen to have any good ideas for the plastic, sounds like you have found a good use for yours, too bad more people don't even think about recycling!! I try to reuse any hard backing from packing, I cut them for elements. I also save a white paper board from work, I'm a dental assistant and it comes in the replacement boxes of our large (5 1/2 X 11) xray film. It seems like such a waste and it works well, I use it instead of chipboard. We also have white plastic containers that our powered impression material comes in. I remove the label and use them for my chipboard, I have also donated these to the teachers for their rooms at school. I try to reuse as many items as possible!!! Love your page!!!