Monday, September 7, 2009


I started CathyZielske's Big Picture Scrapbooking Class Me: The Abridged Version, a class based on the wonderful book Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life. For the past couple months I've been filling out this tag album with words that represent or explain me from A to Z.

The class finally started this week, and I had to dig it out of my purse, where I've been carrying it right next to the Wet Wipes, ready to fill it out wherever inspiration strikes. I was sad to see it a little...wet. Discolored. Bent. Right next to the Wet Wipes was NOT a good idea. For a brief moment, I debated redoing the cover and first page, but then reason took over: the purpose of the tag book was to generate ideas for the album. It's not the end product, so if it looks cruddy, that's OK.

So for the next few weeks, I will get a taste of what my English Composition students feel like as I generate 26 mini-essays about me based around the alphabet. Though I'm nervous beginning this class as I begin the school year at the same time, I look forward to detailing the following:

A: Azores
E: estranged
O: October
Q: quotations
T: tatoo
U: Uncle Dick
V: Vampire Slayer, Buffy the
X: X-Wing
Z: Zombies, Pride and Prejudice and

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