Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Finding the purpose

Not much of a post today. My husband has co-opted the computer room for his gaming group, and I'm feeling a little tired and under the weather--a cold, I think.

I am, however, sitting on a bunch of new photos from Shutterfly. They came yesterday, and I have about 6 layouts I can make with them. Bliss.

The hardest thing for me at this point is deciding what to do with them. Say I have a great photo--my son in the pool, for example. (I do, actually.) It's a great photo, I want to scrap it, but I can't until I figure out why I want to scrap it. Personally, I cannot scrap a photo just because it's a good photo. I have to have more of a reason. So for some of the photos, I know I want a layout with it--but I won't start making it until I figure out why I want to scrap it. I need to find my purpose--or as that cowboy in City Slickers would say, I have to find my One Thing: the One Thing I have to say about the picture. I don't think I need to find anything particularly deep--right now I'm thinking of scrapping how amazing it is that my son can touch in the deep end of the kid's pool--wow. He's standing on tip-toes, but he doesn't need me.

Now that's my reason for scrapping--because sometime they'll be able to stand on their own, and I need to remember it.


alexandra s.m. said...

there you go! Sometimes, when i'm stuck in front of a photo I want to scrap I decide to turn the journaling into a letter...maybe you could even hide it, to be "found" in a couple of years?

The Lonely Scrapbooker said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one who has this thought process!