Friday, September 18, 2009

Best. Show. Ever.

I am strangely addicted to several TV shows right now. It's been a while since I've dedicated my nights to more than one show. But here I am, waiting for new episodes of Castle, The Biggest Loser, Warehouse 13, Lost, and Project Runway.

Project Runway...Sigh! Last night's show was a paper lover's dream. The contestants had to make clothes out of newspapers, and the dresses I saw were easily some of the best designs I have seen on the show (I concede I have not seen every episode ever). The designers did an amazing job seeing the paper for its potential shape, textures, and color. Yes colors--it's not just black and white, and some really talented people noticed that and worked with it. (Truth be told, they were also given stuff like paint to work with.) As someone who works with paper, I LOVED looking at all the amazing, innovative things that were done. With paper. To create clothing. WOW. If you want to see what they did, and I hope you do, go here.

As those designs came down the runway, I wondered who would get sent home because so many were awesome. Eventually, a couple stood out as being poorly conceived and constructed, but when one of the bottom three is there because it wasn't innovative like the others, you know you've seen a great show. And of course, essentially what they did was create something out of paper. Be still my heart.

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Hehehe! You "sound" better?!