Friday, August 28, 2009

Random Friday

I tried showing the boys Fantasia today. They fell in love with Fantasia 2000 this summer, so I pulled out the videocassette we have of the original Fantasia--predictably, our VCR no longer works, so I logged onto Netflix and put it in our Queue...and had the most interestingly random experience.

Up popped some recommendations based on my selection of Fantasia: Fantasia 2000, of course, Dumbo, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Mary Poppins, 2001...? and Psycho.


I just don't get it. Granted, people who liked Fantasia may have liked Psycho as well, but I seriously don't see the connection.

This made me think of my randomness, or lack thereof. I am a fairly structured, linear person. Just look at my scrapbook pages. And even my gardens are well-structured: I group like plants to produce an impact on the viewer, I edge my beds, I weed, I have structures, I rein in I have a structured garden.

My garden, however, thinks otherwise.

I started noticing these flowers popping up all over my garden, far away from where they are planted:That teeny one next to the grass is a bachelor button. I couldn't figure out how it was happening until I saw a bird eating the seeds...and as my mom says, they were spitting the seeds out all over, even in the grass.

Other popular plants are my perennial geraniums:You can see it between the lamb's ear and the blue fescue.

This year the balloon flower also traveled:The rest of the balloon flowers are way on the other side of the butterfly weeds. Seriously, about 3 yards.

I am of two minds what to do: should I dig them up and give them away or replant them, or just let them stay? Some plants I let stay: the columbine, for example, never transplanted well, so I let it lie. Ditto my errant butterfly weed. But I have diligently dug up the rest and moved them, and they diligently return.



Barbara said...

I'm always excited to see something in a new place. Sometimes it gets to stay there and sometimes I move it to a more ideal location. The fun is not having to spend anything on the new plant. Columbines have gone crazy in my garden. I have places to move the babies though. Stop by my blog sometime -

alexandra s.m. said...

Great Post Jennifer! I consider myself to be rather structured as well but with an open door...the same thing happened in my garden with dwarf Pansies, they were not even supposed to be perennial and yet the appeared magically in the mulch, two years after having a basket full of them? I treasure these "accidents"!