Sunday, November 11, 2018

Scrapbooking the eldest

I wanted to share some pages from the scrap retreat last spring. (I went on another glorious retreat this fall, and I'll start sharing those pages soon!) Here's some pages I made about my eldest.

Last year (and this!) my son ran cross country. After he was done, he decided to join Nordic skiing with his friends from XC, and he found his real passion. This is a celebration of his times skiing last year.

Next is a small but fun story: my son loves putting fruit stickers in hard-to-find places. That's the not-fun part. The fun part: I found some and, instead of blowing a gasket, I stuck one on him. And took a picture. He had no clue. Revenge is a dish best served cold. With fruit stickers.

On a lighter note: Rowan has become enamored with Bob Ross. He was on Netflix, and he couldn't get enough. So a surprise birthday present for him was a Bob Ross Pop figurine. Another earlier surprise: meeting an impersonator hawking the game at GenCon. The triad of photos was completed when I asked the boys to do something creative before asking for electronics in the summer. He asked for my scrap paper and created this collage. The title was an obvious choice.

Finally, a page about his 15th birthday. He wanted to celebrate at Surly Brew Hall (root beer for him, and he loves their burgers), so we had a good evening celebrating his day. I picked fall themed stuff for the day.

Thank you for visiting! I'll soon share page about my other son, the youngest.

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