Saturday, October 6, 2018

The glory of scrapbooking retreats

Last spring I went on a scrap retreat with some girlfriends to Wisconsin. I say spring, but it was late winter: This was the storm that dropped two feet in my town of Maple Grove! We ended up staying an extra day, and on the drive back, we noticed that all the power lines held sideways icicles, and the medians held numberous car wrecks. Thank goodness we stayed an extra day!

Here's some pages from the retreat:

This is probably my favorite: a basic grid layout of my spring break with the family in Minnesota.

This page documents one of my husband's favorite things from our trip to Hawaii last year: diagonal crosswalks.

Finally, a page recording a local full lunar eclipse. I missed the solar eclipse because of clouds, but this one I saw! NOTE: NOT MY PHOTOS! I downloaded them online and scrapped them.

I have more to share from this retreat, so I'll share them this month!

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