Sunday, October 14, 2018

Scrapbooking my life (and my husband's)

I am trying to spend more time scrapbooking my husband. I tend to scrapbook the family and myself more than him, so I wanted to share a page I made about his work space recently.

His desk is so uniquely him, I took pictures and scrapped it. I dug into my Ali edwards' kits and Project Life cards in particular to scrapbook this.

This page is a brief recap of a big injury I sustained Nordic skiing last winter: the day after a thaw (everything had frozen again), I kept falling while I skied, ending up spraining my back, among other injuries. The memories of skiing were still good, so I tried to use upbeat colors and pleasant patterns.

Finally, when I visited my home last winter and attended church, I took pictures of images within the church that had stuck with me growing up. I recorded my memories of these images from my formative faith years.

I hope this gives you ideas in scrapbooking stories of yourself and those significant to you!

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