Friday, May 14, 2010

Welcome back sun!

After almost two weeks of rain and a month so far of below average temperatures, the sun has returned. My gardens are beautiful, slowly changing over from spring blossoms to summer. Based on my garden, to me spring as a color is purple, filled with tulips, columbine, phlox, irises, and bachelor's buttons. Summer is pink and yellow, mostly. Autumn is mainly yellow and purple. The above photo is a shot of my prairie smoke geum going to seed--pink, you'll see. Few things are more beautiful than this.

I finished my Project 12 layout:

Still using the Becky Fleck Sketch. I liked this one, though I added a photo--poor resolution on it, I downloaded it from a flickr gallery of shots taken by my son's teacher. Maybe I can ask for an email of the actual photo and reprint it with better resolution. I used my May Studio Calico kit. Lots of fun clustering accents here.

For LOAD, we had a scraplift challenge to lift Jody Wenke, so here is my version:

I liked picking papers that suggested web without actually having a web on it.


BabyBokChoy said...

That paper is WEB??? I can't tell, but of course, it is now past my bedtime and I admit to being blurry eyed ...

Davinie Fiero said...

I love that you used a poor resolution photo. What else are you supposed to do with the photo, when the image is something you want to remember? Nice take on the sketch Jennifer!